Liver Connection


Enhance your perception of yourself from a place of clarity and purity, strengthening your sense and control of things flowing clearly and smoothly.


We are connected with and responsive to our bodies in proportion to our sensitivity. We are sensitive by reflex, but we can enhance our sensitivity with imagination to focus and organize our attention.

This guided visualization connects you with your liver, to gain a perception of yourself and your environment viewed from a place of clarity and purity. It is a cleansing awareness of self such as would serve you if you’re dealing with liver issues, or in support of our liver’s function at any time of day.

In this piece, I talk to your organs as if they are parts of your mind. If not parts, then personalities with particular voices and attitudes. Begin a dialog with those parts of your body with whom you rarely speak. Give voice to your sense of clarity, the sense that things are cleansed and flowing smoothly. Give voice to your liver.

Liver Connection – Audio Preview

Listen to Liver Connection to intentionally change in your health.

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DO NOT listen to this recording while you’re driving a car or operating machinery!


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