Friends, Foreigners, and Foes


Redefine social boundaries through your own focus and attention in order to create greater alliance, trust, and purpose. Applicable at all levels of business and community relationships.



Friends, Foreigners, and Foes explores the social boundaries you create in the world. It invites you to explore the idea that you can redefine these boundaries through your own focus and attention to create greater alliance.

It’s clear that you create and support different levels of familiarity and alliance with people around you. Outside of the familiar levels, you create more distant and guarded relationships. Other people create similar relationships with those around them.

There is no way for you to determine with any certainty that the way you relate to people is natural, consonant, or to your best advantage. How you see other people is unique to you and you get only indirect feedback.

This session asks you to sense in yourself what these levels of relationship mean and how they make you feel. You’re asked to move people from your outer circles where suspicion and mistrust predominate, to your inner circle defined by empathy, trust, and understanding.

You are asked to recreate relationships to be open and secure through a new power of being able to control positive energies and feelings. This work begins in the imagination, moving blocks in your own conception, to make changes that will allow other people to become more trustworthy, reliable, and committed

Friends, Foreigners, and Foes – Audio Preview

Listen to Friends, Foreigners, and Foes to build teamwork and alliance with colleagues and community members. The ideas in this piece are considered in the blog post The Assembly of Mind.

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DO NOT listen to this recording while you’re driving a car or operating machinery!


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