Intentions for Sleep explores issues of nighttime consciousness, taken from the organ clock of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the mental issues these organs are said to deal with. It is based on the idea that during sleep we resolve conflicts, and from the organ clock I discern seven: energy, sense of self, reaction, change, opportunity, responsibility, and connection.

I’m following the idea that disturbed sleep is due to personal struggle, not simple anxiety. Your sleep is disturbed because your subconscious mind is upset. I stir up questions of personal meaning and ask you to allow your subconscious mind to engage them.

This monologue is an open-ended call to emotional engagement to which you add your own sentiments. Because it’s not logical it will not have the same meaning twice. Let it prepare your subconscious mind while wearing your conscious mind to asleep.

Innovation – Audio Preview

Listen to Intentions for Sleep to prime your subconscious so that it will put your conscious mind to sleep, and get to resolving its issues through dreaming.

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DO NOT listen to this recording while you’re driving a car or operating machinery!