A Simple Personality


Recognize your outward exuberant and inward brooding selves as the valuable foundation of who you are.


It isn’t easy to develop personal flexibility so radical that whole different personalities are accessible. It isn’t easy to liberate our intuition.

This guided visualization connects you with a simpler, grounded memory of yourself that embodies clarity and vitality. It connects this with your sadder, melencholy self and asks you to respect this self for its importance and pride.

This pieces enhances the connection between parts of yourself for greater strength in times of need. It helps you feel your exuberant and brooding selves as two parts of the foundations of who you are. To feel them in collaboration as judges and dispensers of your intuition.

A Simple Personality – Audio Preview

“A Simple Personality” expands your sense of duality, and enhances your emotional flexibility.

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DO NOT listen to this recording while you’re driving a car or operating machinery!


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