Mind and Molecules


Bring energy and awareness into your nervous system and your tissues for health, healing, and recovery.


“The immune system may be considered a cellular extension of the brain, a ‘mobile sensory organ.’ ” — from The Effect of Psychological Intervention in the Form of Relaxation and Guided Imagery

Mind and Molecules is a guided visualization to bring energy and awareness into your nervous system and your tissues. We are an electrical system and that, like all electrical systems, we rely on maintaining and moving charge.

What you know about charge in your body you perceive as energy: the energy of awareness, movement, and thought. Connecting these with feelings in your body is a means of engaging your body. This energy is also the source of healing, growth, and hemostasis—the maintenance of health and balance.

Mind and Molecules – Audio Preview

The ideas behind Mind and Molecules are considered in the blog post COVID-19, Rethinking the Implausible.

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DO NOT listen to this recording while you’re driving a car or operating machinery!


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