Hypnosis and COVID-19


Our lymphatic system is an uncharted frontier. Yet in this system resides the seat of our immunity, deep connections with our central nervous system, and indirect connection with our intentions.

Hypnosis and COVID-192021-05-27T00:25:08-07:00

Dreams For Life


Dreams are your peek into the solar system of your personality. They are a dynamic astrology in which you can play a role. This is the goal of dreamwork.

Dreams For Life2021-05-27T00:30:41-07:00

Sleep More & Better (4)


4-session "Sleep More and Better" class offered at the Monterey Rec Center in Oak Bay. The course uses my book "The Path to Sleep" to explore the psychology and physiology of sleep using hypnosis, behavioral

Sleep More & Better (4)2020-03-14T21:52:51-07:00

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