yi Luv Twttr and #itsucks


"Marketing and sales plays a crucial role as the glue that connects the big structures to the small consumers. Marketing and sales is the mucosal lining of civilization’s intestines. Now something huge is happening..."  

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Our Lack of Sleep


"The bottom line is this: if you're not getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night, then your mind is numb, memory poor, performance flawed, intellectual and emotional IQ reduced, safety jeopardized, sexual function

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Evolve Change Revolution


If we don’t approach change correctly, we can’t make it happen. If you want to make better changes, you need a better understanding of how things change. This applies as much to your

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Drone On Education


Colleges and universities limit human evolution to change in small ways. The alternative is mentoring, and people used to do that. Why do people now pay universities $­40,000 a year to be 'taught' things disconnected from the

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Fractal Psychology & Hypnosis


What if understanding your cancer, your depression, or your addiction took you outside of your culture, outside of who you thought you were? Could you go there? How would you get there? ... Read More

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Hunting For Family


Ranging through coming-of-age stories I find so many orphan stories. They’re not just kids who lost their parents, they’re kids who never had any. Why are there so many of these stories? ... The orphan story

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Follow The Heart


Bob Herman was a polymath, a poor musician, a critic of the educational system, and an artist of sorts... He was the person with whom I should have studied. At some level I knew it but didn't do

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Where There Be Angels


When we're called to do something by our own internal guidance we simply have to do it... Arrogance is pretending to be what you wish you were but aren't. Being called to action is simply acting

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The Radical Notion of Natural Education


Cultural connection lies at the root of health and growth at all scales: cultural, community, family, and individual. 8 Shields adopts a mentoring approach in which everyone plays a role. In intact cultures everyone who

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Peak States and Neurofeedback


A peak state is an expansive state of mind that underlies insightful thought and enlightened action. It is roughly equivalent to a state of spiritual awakening. Peak states are relegated to the realm of the

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