Misunderstandings about psychedelics are created by factions who want to control them.

I know people who have tried to order it around—heavy male dominator types who want to beat information out of it—and my god, they have bad trips so terrifying that they never come back to it again.”
Terence McKenna

There is talk of cures and healing, but limited context for it. Dramatically positive results show the benefit some psychedelics are affording to people diagnosed with mental disorders. Using psychedelics as medicines or sacraments will have different results…

We’ve got an epidemic of street drugs laced with fentanyl, and law enforcement is getting mixed messages. Judging from the comments in social media, the public doesn’t know the difference between recreational, therapeutic, and inspirational drug use…

On a Large Scale

Vying for Control

Roller Coasters Are Medicine Too

What is Psychedelic Science Studying?

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