Our Lack of Sleep


"The bottom line is this: if you're not getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night, then your mind is numb, memory poor, performance flawed, intellectual and emotional IQ reduced, safety jeopardized, sexual function

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ADHD#8 : Parents


Parents are polarized in their attitudes about ADHD in ways that reflect their segregation into education-oriented camps. On the one hand child-focused education enables kids who would otherwise be labeled as ADHD, on the other

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ADHD#7 : Schools, Reprise


ADHD is an institutional fiction supported by pharmaceutical companies, governments, therapists, schools, and parents to get around the social taboo against institutional mind control. ADHD accomplishes this by labeling the targets as biologically defective and

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ADHD#6 : Schools, Part II


The state rewards schools for consistency and conformity in their product, and economy in their operation. These criteria are applied to students through regimented programs, approved classes, like-minded teachers, and national test standards. In order

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ADHD#5 : Schools, Part I


Schooling for children is a confluence of social policy, personal preconceptions, historical revision, and deep politics. People think they understand how these schools affect students, communities, and society. I don't think they do. To read

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ADHD#4 : Pharmaceutical Corporations


My analysis of ADHD takes a broad view. The first installments in this series consider the major institutions, starting with Doctors. We'll now consider pharmaceutical companies. After this we'll consider Schools, and then Parents, before

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ADHD#2 : The Definition of ADHD


Previous to 1980 overly active or inattentive students were considered traumatized, delinquent, depressed, learning disabled, ill-fed or over worked, emotional, specially endowed, minimally brain damaged, or simply different. Various programs existed to accommodate these kids

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ADHD #1: Introduction


My research came together only after I traced the history of the "disorder." I put the word disorder in quotes because, as it turns out, ADHD does not exist and never did. It has been

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