Relaxation Story


Get above your fishbowl and look around. You can do that now. There is so much air and light, every lungful of this hologram is an ocean you’ve never explored if you can only sense its

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Seeing Stars


Exercises in Enhanced Perception What does it mean to perceive something? It’s not enough to see it without some understanding... If you don’t understand, then you don’t know what we’re looking at. And if you

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Perceiving Nature


I have wondered about consciousness, journeyed through conformity, and communed with insanity. I believe nature is the best mirror in which to see one’s mind. I have been led to recognize awareness as key. One

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Too Many Voices


It was with some trepidation that I sat down with a deeply schizophrenic young man whose mother had brought him to talk to me, and then driven off with a casual wave saying, 'Have a

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Hunting For Family


Ranging through coming-of-age stories I find so many orphan stories. They’re not just kids who lost their parents, they’re kids who never had any. Why are there so many of these stories? ... The orphan story

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Where There Be Angels


When we're called to do something by our own internal guidance we simply have to do it... Arrogance is pretending to be what you wish you were but aren't. Being called to action is simply acting

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Sleeping Out


For a few of us -- and I don't know why so few -- sleeping under the night sky is a heart-opening experience. The processes that happen in us when we sleep are as under appreciated

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Not Past Not Regression


“Past Life Regression” is a brand name that all those who sell it fail to understand. It is not about past lives and it is not about regression ... it is a process of personal integration

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Free Will


Free will lies in the birth of new entities ... whose future is not determined from the past. These structures ... change according to information that comes from within themselves and their connection to the world

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