Tuning Your Dreams


I can teach you how to wake up. It’s the way to fulfillment, but the path won’t be clear. Therapeutic dreaming is a process of waking up.

Tuning Your Dreams2023-12-03T22:46:02-08:00

An Unusual Awareness


I’m feeling the panic, I have a situation, I have a resolution, but I don’t have a conclusion, and I’ve run out of time. Here is what I do in my hypnopompic state: I begin by sitting with it and then I go beyond that.

An Unusual Awareness2023-12-03T21:32:58-08:00

Becoming Lucid


How do you get what you don’t have? The question of how you become more aware from a less aware state requires something that you do not yet have. This is a healthy spiritual exercise.

Becoming Lucid2023-12-03T02:19:49-08:00

Relearning to Sleep


You can train your brain to function better during sleep. It’s a process of tuning down habitual tension and separating yourself from habitual conflict.

Relearning to Sleep2023-12-03T02:32:39-08:00


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