Using sense and imagination as a path to amplified personal experience.

Attempts have been made to create training procedures aimed at increasing a subject’s hypnotic abilities.”
Jan Dyba and Kathryn Rossi

Two things remind me hypnosis is more of a skill than a state: a client and an article. Like many of my clients, this client is analytical, and I’d like them to be less. The article is called Developing Deep Trance in Therapeutic Hypnosis, recently published by Jan Dyba and Kathryn Rossi.

Hypnosis is a mind-body technique; a way to amplify of our control of ourselves. This ability is both a risk and an asset. It’s something we all have to a more or less degree…

Being the Breath and Pulse asks you to both attend and engage. The breath and pulse are the vehicles, and the purpose is to demonstrate how your imagination makes things real. Obviously, you can’t make any imaginary thing real, but you must imagine before anything you can make real will become real.




Breath and Pulse

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