Who Is the Shadow Government?


"As long as people remain reductive, dependent, and uninformed, the very concept of a shadow government that controls us will remain incomprehensible. And that is how it is now. "Our shadow government consists of factions

Who Is the Shadow Government?2023-01-27T19:04:19-08:00

The Sound of One Shoe Clapping


"Global enterprises not responsible to anyone outside of themselves, and not responsible on any time-frame except their own, cannot self-regulate because they lack feedback. And this creates instability in the system as a whole..." "When

The Sound of One Shoe Clapping2023-01-27T19:05:10-08:00

The Holy €


"police stumbled upon ... 47 binders containing private communications exposing the opaque inner workings of the secretive Holy See. They included financial documents, details of money transfers and confidential internal reports - all prepared by

The Holy €2023-01-27T19:25:10-08:00

The Falling Apart of Things


Things are not good, but no one near the top of the pyramid wants to admit it. The popular press and their "trusted voices" paddle public opinion toward complacency and happiness. Why? Because it is

The Falling Apart of Things2023-01-27T19:05:42-08:00

This Is What Conspiracy Really Looks Like


"Conspiracy usually start at the top, not in the caves of Afghanistan. Stop looking for villains and start looking more closely at controlling institutions, whose interests are being served and how. "Here's an interesting piece

This Is What Conspiracy Really Looks Like2023-01-27T19:25:56-08:00


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