COVID-19 and Spirit


I don’t make a big deal of it, but I think questions of spirit are questions of meaning, reason, and purpose, and, in this regard, natural science has spirit.

COVID-19 and Spirit2023-01-27T18:31:34-08:00

No More Fish For You!


"Given that the disaster at Fukushima nuclear reactors has introduced the radiation equivalent of 14,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs, what has this done to our health? There are two ways to answer this question: one concerns

No More Fish For You!2023-01-27T19:02:11-08:00

Tomorrow’s Web, and Why


[[NOTE: This post was written in 2013. Now, 6 years later, its predictions are coming to pass exactly. It is only within the last year that of the leading web platforms for internet marketing, Connect

Tomorrow’s Web, and Why2023-01-27T19:02:24-08:00

Survivalist Mentality


"While stopping short of wearing tin hats we've been asking survivalist questions. It's not a comfortable mentality but we're trying to be reasonable and prudent... "I don't know just how vulnerable your power grid and

Survivalist Mentality2023-01-27T19:02:35-08:00

Kids, Get Your Killing Fun Today


"The military entertainment complex is an old phenomenon that binds Hollywood with the US military. Known as militainment, it serves both parties well. Filmmakers get access to high tech weaponry—helicopters, jet planes and air craft

Kids, Get Your Killing Fun Today2023-01-27T19:02:47-08:00


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