yi Luv Twttr and #itsucks


"Marketing and sales plays a crucial role as the glue that connects the big structures to the small consumers. Marketing and sales is the mucosal lining of civilization’s intestines. Now something huge is happening..."  

yi Luv Twttr and #itsucks2023-01-27T18:48:41-08:00

Hypnotic Pain Control


On the Subject of Pain Control "Hypnosis can be used to reduce pain. Pain comes with sensation, and sensation is particular, so everyone's pain is a little different. To manage it, you must get a

Hypnotic Pain Control2023-01-27T18:52:53-08:00

The Body Electric: Circuits 2


"Becoming aware of your body gives you better control over your basic functions, and participation in them. The Wiring Your Body Electric series approaches your body's: Current: defense and repair; Frequency: sustenance and awareness; Resonance:

The Body Electric: Circuits 22023-01-27T18:56:35-08:00


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