The Path To Sleep


I've published the book The Path to Sleep, an audiobook available through CD Baby by clicking here. The Path to Sleep leads you through 27 hypnotic meditations to integrate mind and body; paths of attention

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Hypnotic Brainwaves


The connections I’m making between the frequencies and subjective states are new. The connection between the brainwaves and subjective states is unexplored. Mary is the first person to present such a clear shift in consciousness

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Learn to Think


I would like to teach you how to think. I would like to take you in the airplane of your mind, open the door, and invite you to jump out... 40 years ago I asked

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The Body Electric: Circuits


I have created an electrical visualization to direct your attention to currents in your body. In this Heart Circuit visualization you're asked to participate in the process of charging the battery that drives your system. Listen to

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The Non Hypnotizable


Meaningful human changes change our state of mind. Sometimes people cannot or will not change their mental state. These people are non-hypnotizable.... Read more at: The Non-Hypnotizable

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Hypnotic State


One of the often repeated truths of hypnotism is that no one knows how to tell for certain if a person is hypnotized. This seems nonsensical, a conundrum akin to waking up a person in

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Going Beyond Neurofeedback


Frequencies are the form, memory are the contents. We need more than two approaches to describe all that our mind does, but the combination of neurofeedback and regression therapy feels comprehensive: one deals

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Holotropic Neurofeedback


Like neurofeedback, yoga is a practice that aims to describe rather than explain... Vedantic yoga provides a template for neurofeedback's description of mind that is better than anything science presents (and) provides a complete map

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Peak States and Neurofeedback


A peak state is an expansive state of mind that underlies insightful thought and enlightened action. It is roughly equivalent to a state of spiritual awakening. Peak states are relegated to the realm of the

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Can You Make Yourself Smarter?


Computer-based training programs claim to be able to increase your intelligence. Unfortunately the field is filled with questionable research and general ignorance about science, learning, intelligence, and psychology. To read this piece, click here.

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Good Vibrations and Gut Feelings


There is a nervous system associated with our gut that is thought to evolutionarily predate the central nervous system. It's called the Enteric Nervous System... "Recent neurobiological insights into gut-brain crosstalk have revealed a complex,

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