The Brain Frequency Course


I’m offering a free, online, video-based, mini-course on brainwaves. It consists of seven 10-minute videos interspersed with text and sprinkled with links to my related blog posts.

The Brain Frequency Course2023-12-03T01:53:51-08:00

We Need More Hypnosis


This post is about our essential ability to change state and perception. At its root, this is what hypnosis is: the phototaxis of consciousness.

We Need More Hypnosis2023-12-03T02:20:18-08:00

The Path To Sleep


I've published the book the audiobook The Path to Sleep. The Path to Sleep leads you through 27 hypnotic meditations to integrate mind and body; paths of attention that underlie your thought patterns. I read the whole book once, and you repeat the practices to absorb the rhythms and patterns. The book is presented as an album, as music, so you can repeat the practices, which are separate tracks.

The Path To Sleep2023-12-03T02:41:11-08:00


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