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The Assembly of Mind


Your mind is a collective but you don’t see it as a collective. You can’t see the parts because the parts are doing the seeing. We are fascinated to look at ourselves because it helps us imagine what we are.

The Assembly of Mind2023-12-03T21:34:44-08:00

We Need More Hypnosis


This post is about our essential ability to change state and perception. At its root, this is what hypnosis is: the phototaxis of consciousness.

We Need More Hypnosis2023-12-03T02:20:18-08:00

Research Coaching


Horizontal thinking generates inventions, but studying its success does not tell you how to do it. Creativity can be taught, we just don’t do it.

Research Coaching2023-12-03T21:31:20-08:00

Behavioral Education


If we can embrace all our flaws and inabilities, and take these into account when we design our environment, we can create a much better world.

Behavioral Education2023-12-03T02:34:28-08:00

Beyond The Hypnotic State


Hypnosis is an attempt to extend the limits of intention, to amplify what is sometimes called “the placebo effect” to cause lasting change.

Beyond The Hypnotic State2023-12-03T02:49:25-08:00

Walk in the Woods


Love is hugely misunderstood, but closely related to harmony and balance, and grows from those things. I’ve created an audio file to bring to you some of the ideas and associations that came to me during this walk.

Walk in the Woods2023-12-03T02:49:16-08:00

To Put You To Sleep


"Spontaneous fainting, an unexplained phenomenon, is a clue to the nature of consciousness... I guess 30% of us will instantly "faint" with nothing more than a touch and a few quick words. It's called 'rapid induction'..."

To Put You To Sleep2023-12-03T21:14:41-08:00

Becoming Lucid


"Over the years I’ve read much about lucid dreaming, but I’ve been frustrated that it’s mostly portrayed as an amusement park ride. Surely, there has to be more to it than spectacle and entertainment..."

Becoming Lucid2023-12-11T22:05:45-08:00


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