What Psychedelics Can Do


The potential of psychedelics is largely determined by what you allow yourself to experience. This is determined partly by your fearlessness and partly by your awareness.

What Psychedelics Can Do2023-12-03T02:05:38-08:00

COVID-19 and Spirit


I don’t make a big deal of it, but I think questions of spirit are questions of meaning, reason, and purpose, and, in this regard, natural science has spirit.

COVID-19 and Spirit2023-12-03T02:15:09-08:00

The Veil of Sanity


I believe happiness and success are dispensable accessories to spiritual balance. You don't need either, and their pursuit is a distraction.

The Veil of Sanity2023-12-03T02:23:18-08:00

Creativity and Corporation


The creative process is something unto itself and, like love or excitement, it does not aim for resolution... Real creation is, at some level, self-creation and the tragedy of an idea’s failure is a personal one.

Creativity and Corporation2023-12-03T02:21:48-08:00

Becoming Lucid


How do you get what you don’t have? The question of how you become more aware from a less aware state requires something that you do not yet have. This is a healthy spiritual exercise.

Becoming Lucid2023-12-03T02:19:49-08:00

Walk in the Woods


Love is hugely misunderstood, but closely related to harmony and balance, and grows from those things. I’ve created an audio file to bring to you some of the ideas and associations that came to me during this walk.

Walk in the Woods2023-12-03T02:49:16-08:00

Relaxation Story


There is so much air and light, every lungful of this hologram is an ocean you’ve never explored if you can only sense its presence.

Relaxation Story2023-12-03T02:40:30-08:00


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