Podcast interview with Terry McMullen, aired February 6, 2023

Lincoln’s approach to life is to never settle and never allow yourself to be limited by a categorization or wrapper..”
Terry McMullen

Contradictions and Dualities

“I say often on this show that life is complex and full of nuance. It is full of these paradoxes, contradictions, and dualities that we need to try to manage. It is messy and hard to get a grasp on. Sometimes we find ourselves scratching our heads, trying to make sense of it all. In many ways, that encompasses the conversation I had with my guest Lincoln.

Fluidity and Nuance

Usually within 10–20 minutes, I can get a decent grasp of the other person and can start to paint a picture of what they are all about. I mean this as a compliment; with Lincoln, that was not the case. Much like life, I found myself trying to keep up with the fluidity and nuance of his mindset.

Never Settle For the Wrapper

“That can sound like a negative because our minds so desperately want to put people into a box. We want to quickly understand and categorize people. Interestingly, that is exactly what Lincoln wants to avoid. His approach to life is to never settle and never allow yourself to be limited by a categorization or wrapper. He is constantly learning, constantly pushing himself to try to be bigger, better, and different.

Life as an Infinite Game

“That is how Lincoln views life, it is an infinite game that requires constant progression. This means he climbs mountains, scuba dives, skydives, and seeks out opportunities to ‘look over the guardrail of life’ and see what he can learn. In his professional career (https://www.mindstrengthbalance.com) it looks like him being a psychotherapist, author, coach, past life regression specialist, hypnotherapist, and I would say philosopher.

Tangents and Threads

“There were a ton of interesting insights, tangents, and logical threads we explored in this one. We talked about death, parenting, education, Richard Feynman (one of my personal heroes), creativity, and a lot more. I think it is Lincoln’s value (which we unpacked throughout the show) which best summarizes our conversation though.

Go Out Singing!

“When I asked him what it was all about, why all the learning and pushing to do/see more, he said he wants to ‘change, embrace chaos, and go out singing.’ What an approach to life—to want to change and grow above all else, to welcome the chaos life throws at us, and ultimately to leave this world so content and full of joy that you go out singing when you die.”

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