Poor Sleep… So What?


Adults who regularly sleep fewer than 7 hours per night have lower levels of microRNAs molecules that play a key role in regulating vascular and cardiovascular health. (http://ow.ly/5qmi50uhzAJ) Decades of research show chronic short sleep

Poor Sleep… So What?2019-05-22T17:08:50-07:00

Understanding Your Dreams


Do you need to remember your dreams? What are they telling you? Should they change you? Can you change them? Answers from brain science, theories of mind, and therapy. Meeting in Room #1 or #2

Understanding Your Dreams2019-03-11T13:46:21-07:00

Habits Around Sleep, Thoughts and Actions


Victoria Vital Sleep Club Meetup How you organize your day and orient yourself for sleep is called "sleep hygiene," but I don't like the word. It's too small and it sounds like something done at

Habits Around Sleep, Thoughts and Actions2019-02-19T23:57:29-07:00

Liver and the Lack of Sleep


"I have created a guided visualization to connect you with your liver. The purpose is to gain a perception of yourself and your environment viewed from a place where clarity and purity are paramount..."

Liver and the Lack of Sleep2019-05-27T00:24:12-07:00