Brain Frequencies – a mini-course (prerecorded)


8 videos, each 10-30 minutes, and a 30-page text on how brainwaves determine your awareness. Training on how to enhance mental engagement, thought, and ability to relax.


EIGHT pre-recorded video sessions and a PDF text summary.

Brain Frequencies – a mini-course

This course consists of eight short video lectures, between 10- and 30-minutes each, and a 30-page text that outlines the material.

This course teaches you that what you think and perceive is built on your awareness, and your awareness varies with the rhythm at which things occur. That is, you are differently aware of things that occur at different frequencies. You experience time as continuous but you do not perceive it that way. What you experience as continuous time is the average of your sensitivities to events at different frequencies.

Just as your eye responds to light of certain frequencies, your brain responds to events of certain frequencies. This course describes these frequencies, how you experience them and how you put them together. Improving your awareness of your frequency perception enhances your reaction to stress, your mental engagement, how you think, and your ability to relax.

The eight lectures in the course are:

  1. Overview of Brainwaves
  2. What Brainwaves Are
  3. What Brainwaves Do
  4. Slow Frequencies: Expansion
  5. Middle Frequencies: Automation
  6. Fast Frequencies: Discrimination
  7. Summary
  8. Applying This To You

After your purchase, you’ll be emailed a PDF document with the URL for the course webpage that contains all the videos, the password to access this page, and the PDF course notes.


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