Understand brain training. It’s not entirely free, but understanding is not an option.

I encourage everyone to learn about brain training. It’s an untaught and poorly understood yet critical means of getting your life in order. If you’re not ready to invest in the technology, at least you can understand what you’re missing!

Our nervous systems do not operate at their best because of the habits we’ve learned and our over-reactive tendencies. These learned distortions affect our physical, cognitive, and emotional skills. Brain training is readjusting your nervous system to operate effectively in all circumstances.

Free add-on software from Myndlift is available for the MUSE brain training headset. This free add-on makes the MUSE headset more useful, but the offer is not widely known and may not last for long.

The Hardware

Your Brains

Meditation and Mindfulness

The Myndlift Software

What To Expect

Do It!

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