Hypnotic State


One of the often repeated truths of hypnotism is that no one knows how to tell for certain if a person is hypnotized. This seems nonsensical, a conundrum akin to waking up a person in

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Going Beyond Neurofeedback


Frequencies are the form, memory are the contents. "Brain frequencies relate to the rhythms of brain processes. These are the processes that are managed by the areas of the brain near where we

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Holotropic Neurofeedback


Neurofeedback is not simply a treatment or a means of conditioning, it is a holistic view of optimal function based on self-regulation. Neurofeedback does not have the same objective as clinical psychology because clinical psychology

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Peak States and Neurofeedback


"A peak state is an expansive state of mind that underlies insightful thought and enlightened action. It is roughly equivalent to a state of spiritual awakening. "Peak states are relegated to the realm of the

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Can You Make Yourself Smarter?


"Computer-based training programs claim to be able to increase your intelligence. Unfortunately the field is filled with questionable research and general ignorance about science, learning, intelligence, and psychology..." "In House of Cards: Psychology and Psychotherapy

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Good Vibrations and Gut Feelings


I'll pass on two interesting results relation to neurofeedback: how electrical vibrations influence perceptions, and connections between the brain and the stomach. There is a nervous system associated with our gut that is thought to

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Brain Maps


"This newsletter explains what a brain map is, how it's used now, and how we might use it in the future. It's all based on frequency, so that's where we begin. "Breaking a noisy signal

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