In this 50 minute interview, we talk about the integration of neurofeedback with psychotherapy.

“Lincoln Stoller is a quantum physicist, neuropsychologist, hypnotherapist, clinical counsellor, psychonaut, mountaineer, author, & educator. He combines science, spirit, and economics by applying an understanding of hard science to imagination, psyche, and the behaviour of groups.”

  • Focusing on the process of awareness.
  • What can we learn from brain training?
  • Medical issues addressed through brain training.
  • What do we commonly misunderstand?
  • Focusing on organs and energy systems.
  • Interoception: becoming aware of being inside your body
  • Awareness of energy function, and the body’s healing response.
  • Conjuring the spirits of health and illness, and conversing with them.
  • How much does a person’s ego get in the way?
  • What does a people learn when they connect to their spiritual selves?
  • The commitment to purpose and having meaning in life.
  • Achieving a deeper understanding of things your ego disregards.
  • Are we teaching today’s young people about commitment and purpose?
  • We have created a risk-free culture that fails to provide engagement.
  • Learning to manage risk trains your brain in a stressful world.
  • Many of today’s adults have never gone through a rite of passage.
  • Learning responsibility, finding a role, making a commitment, and finding one’s purpose.
  • Your mind is a way to regulate awareness, not simply control it. Learn to tune your mind.

“Truehope is a company dedicated first and foremost to promoting Brain and Body Health through non-invasive, nutritional means. Founded in 1996 by Tony Stephan and David Hardy, the company is completely independent.”

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