Dreams are a necessary part of reality. They fasten you to your mental health.

“The real life of knowledge and understanding is played out
on the borderline between the ascertainable and the unascertainable.”
Carl Jung, from Atom and Archetype (111-117).

All dreams are premonitory, a combination of predictive and creative. They are predictive of how you’ll feel given what’s going on, not predictive of what’s going to happen. But how you act and react affects what will happen, so dreams are predictive in that regard.

I tell my clients to pay attention to their dreams, but most people’s lives are not dream friendly. To be dream friendly, you must sleep frequently. You must have many awakenings, not just one each morning. You must weave your dreams into your life…

A high achiever is someone who achieves a high state. It is not a material distinction; it does not require money or recognition. It is a state of peace with oneself. We sometimes call it mental health.





Low Achievers

High Achievers

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