A.I. is enabling us to find causes while we’ve only previously been able to catalog by symptoms.

“Mental stress assessment remains riddled with biases caused by subjective reports and individual differences across societal backgrounds. To objectively determine the presence or absence of mental stress, there is a need to move away from the traditional subjective methods of self-report questionnaires and interviews.”
Kit et al. (2023), computer scientists and mechanical engineers

A.I.-based depth analysis will revolutionize observational psychology. It could make current diagnostic methods and criteria obsolete. Future diagnoses will likely be based more on extracted information, and less on behavior.

This will change what we now see as embedded in a person to a developmental context of a person. By moving away from presentations to causes, we can better understand how behaviors change. Such a change will allow us to integrate static biological and behavioral models with dynamic psychodynamic and neurological models. This will be a significant improvement….

Diagnoses Versus Definitions

Personality Disorders


Identifying Causes

Artificial Intelligence

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