Survivalist Mentality


In a disaster, the most important thing is your health. After you get past the discomfort of asking questions, here are some solutions.

Survivalist Mentality2023-12-03T02:57:15-08:00

Systems Sustainable


"Systems Theory is not about systems per se, it's about systems that are composed of systems that feedback with each other. It's the opposite of reductionism and it's becoming increasingly more important as isolated parts

Systems Sustainable2023-12-03T03:04:28-08:00

Sorcery For Scientists


An exhortation to expand your understanding beyond the bounds of reason. Presented at MIT, 2011, at the Memorial to Jerome Lettvin. "Our scientific world view is rooted in the power of governments and corporations. A

Sorcery For Scientists2023-01-27T19:29:36-08:00


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