The Brain Frequency Course


I’m offering a free, online, video-based, mini-course on brainwaves. It consists of seven 10-minute videos interspersed with text and sprinkled with links to my related blog posts.

The Brain Frequency Course2023-12-03T01:53:51-08:00

How The World Changes


In terms of the trends of human behavior, our minds don’t change because of our technology; our minds change when we understand ourselves.

How The World Changes2023-12-03T01:52:20-08:00

The Fundamental Question


Unless you can formulate your answers in terms that are practical, you don’t have a valid question. All you’ve got is a program, and that program can amount to anything or nothing at all.

The Fundamental Question2023-12-03T02:06:14-08:00

When Science Doesn’t Work


It finally appears that research is focusing on a proper theory, protocol, and test for the use of HCQ against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This was almost quashed by political infighting and institutional ignorance.

When Science Doesn’t Work2023-12-03T02:04:00-08:00

COVID-19 Chronicles


As small as you may think you are, you are not small because these system are not entirely stable, and that’s what your mind is for: to guide these systems. You are the intelligence in the machine.

COVID-19 Chronicles2023-12-03T21:42:36-08:00


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