Happiness, Failure, and Grace


As Peter Drucker indicates, happiness, like money, comes when the system is working. You don’t aim for the money and you don’t aim for happiness, you aim to make the system work.

Happiness, Failure, and Grace2023-12-03T02:24:01-08:00

A Call for Ideas


The critical idea behind deep nature connection is not nature, it’s connection. Nature is the mirror because nature holds the chaos of the interaction of relevant things.

A Call for Ideas2023-12-03T21:32:18-08:00

Research Coaching


Horizontal thinking generates inventions, but studying its success does not tell you how to do it. Creativity can be taught, we just don’t do it.

Research Coaching2023-12-03T21:31:20-08:00

Behavioral Education


If we can embrace all our flaws and inabilities, and take these into account when we design our environment, we can create a much better world.

Behavioral Education2023-12-03T02:34:28-08:00

Evolution’s Choice


When it comes to your health, winning seems the imperative, and it seems one must win at all costs. This is rarely true; it is rarely the case that your fate is sealed and you must play the game set before you.

Evolution’s Choice2023-12-03T02:30:45-08:00

Loving, Learning, and the Learning Project


All our lives we’re told to develop discernment, exercise judgement, and find the importance in things, but I found scarce few who were doing it. Around 2000 I decided to retrace my steps, and ask those people who were living a committed life what they were doing, and why.

Loving, Learning, and the Learning Project2023-12-03T02:27:52-08:00

Our Lack of Sleep


Many of the consequences of insufficient sleep are highlighted in Matthew Walker's 2017 book is titled, Why We Sleep, Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams. The extracts I'm quoting come from his penultimate chapter, "Sleep and Society."

Our Lack of Sleep2023-12-03T21:13:59-08:00


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