Truth is unimportant when looking for novelty and new forms of understanding.

Is all of perception an illusion? When letters become words with meaning,
and dots and dashes form faces, what is real and what is an invention?”
René Müri and Nicole Göbel (2020)

Creativity escapes clear definition, but expanding one’s ability to associate patterns is part of it. The most common way to expand one’s patternicity is to expand one’s experience in the world. Improvements are not guaranteed because you may find yourself in similar situations recognizing the same patterns…

The things we see and hear become the seeds for what we think. Once these ideas are in our minds, we discuss, portray, and associate things with them. And while some adults think children are more vulnerable than grownups, as a therapist, I see many emotionally vulnerable adults.

Gruesomely violent scenes from television shows are one of the most satisfying things for many adults…”
Kulwant Singh (2023), from 11 Best Gory Violent Shows on Netflix Right Now

Can an Idea Be True or False?

What is an Open Mind?

Training Associations is Operant Conditioning

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In Support of Apophenia

Learning Creativity

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