Loving, Learning, and the Learning Project


All our lives we’re told to develop discernment, exercise judgement, and find the importance in things, but I found scarce few who were doing it. Around 2000 I decided to retrace my steps, and ask those people who were living a committed life what they were doing, and why.

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Our Lack of Sleep


Many of the consequences of insufficient sleep are highlighted in Matthew Walker's illuminating and up-to-date, popular-scientific review. His 2017 book is titled, Why We Sleep, Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams. The extracts I'm quoting come from his penultimate chapter, "Sleep and Society."

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Seeing Stars


"We talk about the lifetime of a system as the time over which it works, between its beginning and its end, and for stars that shine this is a long time. "What does it mean

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Learn to Think


"Consciousness is being aware of what comes up in your mind. That means thoughts, perceptions, and sensations. Consciousness is not the control of these things, it's awareness of them. Control happens elsewhere. "We are not

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Drone On Education


"Colleges and universities are a microcosm in the macrocosm. They are the best representation of scaled down human collective consciousness that I know. They're a better representation than corporations because they're more independent internally, and

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The Radical Notion of Natural Education


"The Wolf Kids program is an outdoor learning environmental experience. It has little in common with institutional education or the modern teacher-student relationship. (Jean-Claude's) traditional mentoring-based program aims to create a cultural reintegration of individuals,

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ADHD#8 : Parents


Parents are polarized in their attitudes about ADHD in ways that reflect their segregation into education-oriented camps. On the one hand child-focused education enables kids who would otherwise be labeled as ADHD, on the other

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ADHD#7 : Schools, Reprise


ADHD is an institutional fiction supported by pharmaceutical companies, governments, therapists, schools, and parents to get around the social taboo against institutional mind control. ADHD accomplishes this by labeling the targets as biologically defective and

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ADHD#6 : Schools, Part II


The state rewards schools for consistency and conformity in their product, and economy in their operation. These criteria are applied to students through regimented programs, approved classes, like-minded teachers, and national test standards. In order

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ADHD#5 : Schools, Part I


Schooling for children is a confluence of social policy, personal preconceptions, historical revision, and deep politics. People think they understand how these schools affect students, communities, and society. I don't think they do. To read

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