Real guidance speaks so softly you will have trouble hearing it. It does not direct you, it supports you.


An Unusual Awareness


I’m feeling the panic, I have a situation, I have a resolution, but I don’t have a conclusion, and I’ve run out of time. Here is what I do in my hypnopompic state: I begin by sitting with it and then I go beyond that.

An Unusual Awareness2023-12-03T21:32:58-08:00

Becoming Lucid


How do you get what you don’t have? The question of how you become more aware from a less aware state requires something that you do not yet have. This is a healthy spiritual exercise.

Becoming Lucid2023-12-03T02:19:49-08:00

To Put You To Sleep


"Spontaneous fainting, an unexplained phenomenon, is a clue to the nature of consciousness... I guess 30% of us will instantly "faint" with nothing more than a touch and a few quick words. It's called 'rapid induction'..."

To Put You To Sleep2023-12-03T21:14:41-08:00

Focused Rhythm


Inhale as you break above the trees, and exhale in the splendor of your motion, moving forward through a sea of green and leaves.

Focused Rhythm2023-12-03T02:40:45-08:00

What the Mind Can Do, and When It Doesn’t


"There are well­-documented reports of people healing ailments beyond what's considered possible. It is my own experience that many people with chronic ailments are already exercising an unusual skill in maintaining these ailments, although how

What the Mind Can Do, and When It Doesn’t2023-12-03T02:54:33-08:00


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