Stories of Spiritual Regression


"Imagine sitting in a beach chair watching the sunset. Your mind is empty. You can hear, speak, and control your actions, but it is most comfortable to do nothing. It is most comfortable to remain

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Forgiveness, a Past Life Regression


Matile is guarded and distant. I feel no rapport, and I am uncertain how this will work out. I lead her down an imaginary hall of doors “behind each of which lies a significant scene in a significant past life.” She finds a door, opens it, and steps through. She tells me the following story without any further prompting...

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What is Spiritual Regression?


"In Spiritual Regression you enter an hypnotic state where you alternate from being alert to being entranced, going back and forth. You are responsive but you are disconnected from the present. In these states you

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Going Beyond Neurofeedback


Frequencies are the form, memory are the contents. "Brain frequencies relate to the rhythms of brain processes. These are the processes that are managed by the areas of the brain near where we

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