COVID-19 Chronicles


As small as you may think you are, you are not small because these system are not entirely stable, and that’s what your mind is for: to guide these systems. You are the intelligence in the machine.

COVID-19 Chronicles2023-12-03T21:42:36-08:00

Happiness, Failure, and Grace


As Peter Drucker indicates, happiness, like money, comes when the system is working. You don’t aim for the money and you don’t aim for happiness, you aim to make the system work.

Happiness, Failure, and Grace2023-12-03T02:24:01-08:00

Doing One’s Business


Human beings are pathological in the literal sense: personal logic is always distorted. But peoples’ logic is more distorted when they act in groups.

Doing One’s Business2023-12-03T02:20:33-08:00


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