Dreams and Tyranny ($)


A tyranny of the press, a corruption of medicine, and a perversion of public health is corrupting science and the democratic process, and most people don't recognize it.

Dreams and Tyranny ($)2023-12-03T01:45:18-08:00

Tuning Your Dreams


I can teach you how to wake up. It’s the way to fulfillment, but the path won’t be clear. Therapeutic dreaming is a process of waking up.

Tuning Your Dreams2023-12-03T22:46:02-08:00

The Purpose of Dreams


It may be correct to say that the first and last step in becoming a master craftsman of the mind is recognizing the fluid nature of reality. It is both a prerequisite for playing a constructive role in developing your identity, and it is a powerful tool for reshaping your dreams.

The Purpose of Dreams2023-12-03T02:04:26-08:00

Dreams and Foggy Thinking


Dreams are a way of thinking different from that of our conscious mind but not formless or lacking in goal. We can navigate closer to the well-spring of our thoughts.

Dreams and Foggy Thinking2023-12-03T02:02:56-08:00


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