Seeing Stars


"We talk about the lifetime of a system as the time over which it works, between its beginning and its end, and for stars that shine this is a long time. "What does it mean

Seeing Stars2019-02-17T23:53:30-08:00

What the Mind Can Do, and When It Doesn’t


"There are well­-documented reports of people healing ailments beyond what's considered possible. It is my own experience that many people with chronic ailments are already exercising an unusual skill in maintaining these ailments, although how

What the Mind Can Do, and When It Doesn’t2019-02-15T15:22:44-08:00

Drone On Education


"Colleges and universities are a microcosm in the macrocosm. They are the best representation of scaled down human collective consciousness that I know. They're a better representation than corporations because they're more independent internally, and

Drone On Education2019-02-18T00:18:04-08:00

Cherish the Irish…


"Too much to say, too little time, so I have no choice but to start by asking why is it that so many Irish males are total assholes: unfaithful, dishonest, and unreliable, just as the

Cherish the Irish…2019-02-18T00:31:09-08:00

The Sound of One Shoe Clapping


"Global enterprises not responsible to anyone outside of themselves, and not responsible on any time-frame except their own, cannot self-regulate because they lack feedback. And this creates instability in the system as a whole..." "When

The Sound of One Shoe Clapping2019-02-18T00:32:36-08:00

This Is What Conspiracy Really Looks Like


"Conspiracy usually start at the top, not in the caves of Afghanistan. Stop looking for villains and start looking more closely at controlling institutions, whose interests are being served and how. "Here's an interesting piece

This Is What Conspiracy Really Looks Like2019-02-18T00:33:56-08:00

Systems Sustainable


"Systems Theory is not about systems per se, it's about systems that are composed of systems that feedback with each other. It's the opposite of reductionism and it's becoming increasingly more important as isolated parts

Systems Sustainable2019-02-18T00:36:45-08:00
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