The Fundamental Question


Unless you can formulate your answers in terms that are practical, you don’t have a valid question. All you’ve got is a program, and that program can amount to anything or nothing at all.

The Fundamental Question2023-12-03T02:06:14-08:00

How Do You Feel?


You feel by exploring the depth of your emotional repertoire, and you can expand your emotional repertoire. You have not reached life’s contentment because you do not yet know how to create it.

How Do You Feel?2023-12-03T21:44:05-08:00

Your Fabricated Personality


Enlightened people live close to their weakness, while those those with unflagging strength are often dull minded. Why is this? Is enlightenment a weakness and stupidity a strength?

Your Fabricated Personality2023-12-03T02:30:23-08:00

Relaxation Story


There is so much air and light, every lungful of this hologram is an ocean you’ve never explored if you can only sense its presence.

Relaxation Story2023-12-03T02:40:30-08:00

Science and Memory in the Body


"Different parts of our body have their own personality and memory. Memory works when the attitudes and objectives of these parts are in harmony, and it fails when there is discord. You struggle to recall

Science and Memory in the Body2023-12-03T02:54:25-08:00


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