COVID-19 and Spirit


I don’t make a big deal of it, but I think questions of spirit are questions of meaning, reason, and purpose, and, in this regard, natural science has spirit.

COVID-19 and Spirit2020-05-18T16:07:12-07:00

Too Many Voices


"Parts Therapy is giving audience to the voices that represent our points of view. It can be done with anyone. Holding back a chaos of ever present voices is something else, that’s schizophrenia. So it

Too Many Voices2019-02-18T00:19:20-08:00

Sorcery For Scientists


An exhortation to expand your understanding beyond the bounds of reason. Presented at MIT, 2011, at the Memorial to Jerome Lettvin. "Our scientific world view is rooted in the power of governments and corporations. A

Sorcery For Scientists2019-02-18T00:37:43-08:00

Black Magic and the Millionaire Mind


Black Magic and the Millionaire Mind "Magic is any act by which a person causes change through unconscious effects. This includes involving your own unconscious to facilitate change in yourself. Saying that magic acts through

Black Magic and the Millionaire Mind2019-02-18T00:37:56-08:00
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