The Reality of Illusion


This piece is about what we think is real and the difference between sensation and feeling. It is about the worlds of imagination and dreams, and the process of making feelings into sensations, that is making dreams real. This confusion about real and imagined disease is just plain dumb. It is a fallacy that imagination is not real, it can have as much effect as any other perception. In fact, everything sensed through perception is an act of imagination.

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Not Past Not Regression


“ 'Past Life Regression' is a brand name that all those who sell it fail to understand. It is not about past lives and it is not about regression—although both of these things can appear

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Aiming Group Regression


"Past life regression is the process of creating memories of which you were unaware. To ask if the 'past life' actually happened is to miss the point that the memory exists and affects the present.

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The 10 Signs


"Well, you know or don't you, or haven't I told you ... gratitude is half of every telling, and the other half is thank you, and that's it, thank you now. Think, you are grateful

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Leading Group Regression


"When I lead a group on a guided meditation to channel a connection to their unconscious I cannot force anyone to follow my story line. I cannot keep all of the group in any one

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