Diplomas, Trainings, and Certificates

2017, Certified Scrum Master, through Scrum Alliance (software project management)
2016, Certified Hypnotherapist with Monica Geers Dahl, International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association
2015, Certified Hypnotist with Richard Nongard, International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy
2015, Past Life Regression Technology with David Quigley, Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis
2015, Basic Hypnosis training with Scott Sandland, Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute
2015, Past Life Regression Training with Linda Backman, Ravenheart Center
2014, Deep PEAT process for resolving spiritual polarities, with Vladimir Stojakovic
– LENS Neurofeedback Training at Stone Mountain Center, Tilson,New York,
– EEG Institute Basic Neurofeedback Training, Woodland Hills, California.
– The Enhancement Institute, Clinical Neurofeedback Training, Houston,Texas.
2002, Private Pilot, Glider.
2000, PADI Advanced Open Water & Rescue Scuba Diver.
1985, PhD in physics, University of Texas at Austin, TX.
1984, B. Allan Mackie School of Log Building
1978, BA at Hampshire College, Amherst, MA, and U.C. at Berkeley, CA.
1972, Mentoring in Alpinism with Chic Scott (France), and Lief-Norman Patterson (Canada).
1971, International School of Mountaineering, Leysin, Switzerland


2018-present, Private Practice in Medical Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy & Sleep Therapy, in Victoria, BC, Canada.
2015-present, Assessing Editor, The Journal of Mind and Behavior, The Institute of Mind and Behavior.
2015-present, Coordinator, Spiritual Mentoring Project.
2014-2017, Volunteer Health Care Provider, Rondout Valley Holistic Health Community.
2007-present, President, Mind Strength Balance, Inc., neurofeedback, hypnosis, and research.
1988-2016, President, Braided Matrix, Inc., business management and automation software.
2003, Grant Coordinator, Mongolian Throat Singing Project, in association with U of Indiana, and the Asian Cultural Council.
1986-1987, Post Doctoral Appointment in Quantum Chemistry with Dr. Richard Friesner, UT at Austin, TX.
1985-1986, Welch Foundation Fellow in Physics, UT at Austin, TX.
1975-1976, Research Assistant in Astronomy with Dr. Charles H. Townes, U.C. Berkeley, CA.

Publications and Professional Presentations


A Proposed Diatom Stratospheric Life Form. Submitted Feb. 2018 to The Journal of Theoretical Biology.


Observation of the J=5->6 Rotational Spectrum of NH3 in Jupiter and its Comparison with Expectation of Model Atmospheres, with L.T. Greenberg, R. McLaren, C.H. Townes, in Symposium on Recent Results in Infrared Astrophysics (1977), P. Dyal (Ed.)


Selection of Off-Field Landing Sites, in Technical Soaring (October 2006), 30(4), p.90.

Computer Science

US Patent #5,740,427 for Modular automated account maintenance system (1998).
Managing Multiple Record Entries – Parts I, Part II, in Dimensions, Journal of the 4th Dimension Environment (1993), 2(2), pp.31-34 & 2(3), pp.34-38.
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Accounting Transactions – Part 1: Debits & Credits, Part 2: Cash Transactions, Part 3: Batch Processing, Part 4: Invoices


 Becoming Lucid, (Fall 2019). Unlimited Human!
EEG Enhanced Hypnotherapy, (Spring 2019). Unlimited Human!
Beyond the Hypnotic State, (Fall 2018). Unlimited Human!
Free Hypnosis,
(Summer 2018). Unlimited Human!
It’s Not About Hypnotizability, (Fall 2017). Unlimited Human!
A Brain in Hypnosis, (Summer 2017). Unlimited Human! 
Perceiving Nature
, (January 10, 2017) published at OpEdNews.com.
Spiritual Regression: Facing the Obstacles that Prevent Our Own Evolution, (September – October 2015). Healthy You Magazine.


Spiritual Mentoring Workshop Outline, at the AERO Conference. May 2015, LIU Pace University, New York.
Connecting Young People to Spiritual Mentors
, (2015). Hudson Valley Parenting Blog
ADHD as Emergent Institutional Exploitation,
(2014). The Journal of Mind and Behavior, 35 (1 & 2), pp.21-50.
Schooling, teaching, talking and being (June 11, 2012) published at OpEdNews.com
Open Journals, something good to report (February 18, 2012) published at OpEdNews.com
Sorcery for Scientists, (October 21, 2011) published at OpEdNews.com
The Learning Project (2010), E-Book, available online at https://www.mindstrengthbalance.com/learn
Woodstock Education Collaborative (2005), in Education Revolution (Winter/Spring 2005), #40

Neurofeedback Therapy

Alpha-theta-based Clinical Outreach (2017). In Collura, T.F. and Frederick, J.A., Handbook of Clinical QEEG and Neurotherapy, p. 464-474. New York: Routledge, New York.
Neurofeedback: Personal Training for the Brain
(January – February 2015). Healthy You Magazine
All That Matters Is Your Flexibiity, Balance and Sensitivity, presentation at Project Renaissance’s Double Festival, May 2011, Pasadena, MD
Preventative Psychotherapy: Using Neurofeedback as “Enlightenment’ Training, presentation at ISNR, Sept. 2011, Carefree, AZ
Neurofeedback Changes the Unconscious Mind, keynote presentation at Vancouver Island Health Authority Annual Conference: Addiction Medicine for Family Physicians and Psychiatrists, March 2010, Courtenay, BC, Canada.
Neurofeedback, Growth, and Habit (April 9, 2010), published at Futurehealth.org
Neurofeedback and Ayahuasca: A More Effective Program for Personal Growth (December 2, 2009), published at Futurehealth.org


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Making Sense of Infra-Low Frequency Neurofeedback, in Neuroconnections (Summer 2010), p.19.
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Kinematical Problem in Spin-Wave Theory, in International Journal of Physics (1987), 26(8), pp.755-786.
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A New Approach to Quantum Spin-Systems: the Critical Properties of a Heisenberg Ferromagnet, in Journal of Statistical Physics: Proceedings of Frontiers of Quantum Monte Carlo Conference, Los Alamos (1985), 43 (5/6), pp.879-881.


Becoming Lucid, Self-awareness in Dreams and Waking Life, (2019, Digital, Print, and Audio book available through Ingram-Spark and Amazon HERE.)
The Path to Sleep, Exercises for and Ancient Skill, (2017, Audiobook and E-Book. To be available through Ingram-Spark and Amazon, Fall 2019)

Travel & Exploration

Three Books on Mt. McKinley, in The American Alpine Journal (1994), 36, pp.304-307.
The Indian’s Apprentice: Learning to Build the Dugout Canoe
, in Wooden Boat Magazine (1987) 4, pp.27-33.
A New Route on Mt. Fairweather, in Canadian Alpine Journal (1974) 57, pp.68-69.

Other Accomplishments

1975 First Ascent S.E. Spur of Mt. McKinley, Alaska Range, Alaska.
1973 First Ascent S.W. Ridge of Mt. Fairweather, Glacier Bay, Alaska.

Public Presentations

A Representative Yearly Sample 
Leading to Trance, Language & Metaphor (Mar. 12, ’17)
Ayahuasca: Culture, Chemistry, Promise & Peril (Feb. 23, ’17)
The Inner Mate, the Key to Loving Relationships (Feb. 4, ’17)
8 Skills of Sleep (Jan 15, 22, & 26, ’17)
The Seeing of the Sidhe, Subtle Perception (Jan. 12, ’16)
Introduction to Sleep (Dec. 27, ’16)
What Hypnosis Can Do, and When It Doesn’t (Nov. 29, ’16)
Learn to Think, Thinking as a Learned Skill (Nov. 13, ’16)
Group Past Life “Suggestion” (Oct. 23, ’16)
Why to Avoid Therapy, and How! (Oct. 10, ’16)
Levels of Hypnotic Trance, From Reverie to Surgery (Oct. 3, ’16)
Past Life Regression for Lawyers (Sep. 27, ’16)
Mind-body Medicine, Hypnosis as Primary Care (Sep. 18, ’16)
Past Life Regression Workshop (Sep. 15, ’16)
Hypnosis +/- (Sep. 6, ’16)
Future Life Progression, Could It Be Less Real? (Aug. 30, ’16)
Addictions, Habits & Hypnosis (Aug. 23, ’16)
Wiring the Body Electric, Amplifying the Currents in Your Body (Aug. 15, ’16)
Past Life Regression as a Door to Understanding Drug Addiction (Aug. 8, ’16)
Regression to Parts, How Many of You Are There? (Jul. 25, ’16)
Reconnecting with Family, Not Gone But Forgotten (Jul. 17, ’16)
The Dark Side, What You Want to Know But Are Afraid To Ask (Jul. 5, ’16)
Hypnotism for Lucid Dreaming (Jun. 28, ’16)
Life Between Lives, To the Bardo and Back (Jun. 22, ’16)
Let’s See How Deep We Can Go! (Jun. 14, ’16)
Spirit of the Earth, Guided Visualization (Jun. 7, ’16)
The Ethereal Realms (May 8, ’16)
Guided Visualization to the Ethereal Realms (Apr. 30, ’16)
Quantum Mechanics and Past Life Regression (Apr. 20, ’16)
Spirit Guides, Evocation Through Trance (Apr. 12, ’16)
Guided Visualization to Other Worlds (Apr. 5, ’16)
Medical Past Life Regression (Mar. 3, ’16)
Regression to a Life of Wisdom (Mar, 9, ’16)
Raising the Powers of the East, Youth as a State of Mind (Feb, 16, ’16)

Professional Organizations