• Your primary sensations are external. Despite being critical to consciousness, we consider internal sensations incidental. This will help you become more sensitive.
  • You take your thoughts for granted, but we think narrowly, remember little, and are easily confused. Organize your thinking by first recognizing its limitations. Bring your thoughts into focus.
  • Emotions are the often ignored counterpoint to thoughts and sensations. They span the gamut from instinct to insight, and they are aspects of spirit. Properly engaged and understood, emotions will enlighten you.
  • Publisher : Mind Strength Balance (January 1, 2024)
  • Paperback : 498 pages
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1-7381399-0-3
  • Dimensions : 7 x 1.36 x 10 inches
Sensations, Thoughts and Emotions takes readers on an odyssey that challenges our preconceptions, navigates the intersections of philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience, and invite us to grapple with the workings of our minds.”
Allison Feduccia, PhD, psychedelic scientist, co-founder of Psychedelic Support
Sensations, Thoughts and Emotions invites us to excavate and resurrect the emotional, embodied, and subconscious aspects of our lives. This book is written for anyone remotely interested in self understanding and human change.”
Lee Diener, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner
“Mr Stoller’s excellent mind is at its best in this collection of wisdom of what it is to be. Digest one a day, like a fine meal. Many of these subjects are not addressed outside of books of Zen teachings horrible to read, or try the Upanishads.”
Reverend Bill McCarter, engineer and computer programmer
“The essay ‘Developing Emotional Intelligence,’ explores how our relationships create harmony. ‘Fostering Empathy’ takes us into the world of mirror neurons and empathetic responses. Every essay could expand into a captivating book.”
Matthew McMillion, researcher and writer
“That Stoller can make complex, subtle subjects a pleasure is a trick. That these writings are useful in our lives is miraculous. Bridging ancient Chinese ideas with Adler’s organ dialects, everything is within reach of this self-effacing, well-tempered mind. A beautiful book.”
Nikolaos Katranis, filmmaker, painter, musician
“With an exceptional acerbic sense of humor, Dr. Stoller relentlessly dives into the depths of our human psyche, examining, questioning and challenging our very existence. This book is NOT for the small-minded.”
Anneli Driessen PhD: Life Coaching, Metaphysics, and Master Certified Coach
“An exploration, experience and an exposition; delightful, playful, and emotive. Agree or disagree, the analogies make you more conscious, and how delicious is that? A fantastic book I highly recommend, especially for inquiring into yourself.”
James Hayes, Founder of Collective Intelligence Group, and a serious nobody
“Stoller explores how paying attention to your body and mind’s drive to action develops a truer reality of yourself. Get ready to dig into yourself, to become more aware, and enjoy a journey of self discovery that empowers you.”
Arno Ilgner, mountaineer and author of The Rock Warrior’s Way

Sensations Thoughts and Emotions is an attack on the intransigence of the Western mind. I am the Indians riding around the circled wagons, shooting arrows at the institutional, colonialist thinking now lodged in the epigenetics of the First World.

Our culture’s lust for consumption is reaching its limits. The wave will crest on politics and the environment, but it will break in our minds. We will be cast onto the shores of confusion, where we will be lost until we recombine our minds, bodies, and feelings.

This book helps you see, think, and feel back together those parts of yourself the Western mind reduced to rubble. If you feel integration to be unnatural, that’s your problem at a glance. I apologize that the day is dawning and there’s work we need to do, but hello. It’s time to wake up.