• Publisher : Mind Strength Balance (September 1, 2019)
  • Paperback : 179 pages
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1775288053
  • Dimensions : 5.25 x 0.45 x 8 inches
“As far as I am aware, this approach is new to the genre, and I found it to be an engaging approach that not only recreated my understanding of lucid dreaming, but added a whole new dimension to my understanding of lucidity more generally. Without exaggerating, Becoming Lucid has profoundly changed the way that I view the world.”
— Jimmy, a GoodReads reader
“This book looks at lucidity in dreams, but more importantly, the insights within help one develop greater lucidity in waking life. This has helped me take an active role in crafting the life I want to be living. I cannot express the depth of my gratitude. “
— K. T. Lockhart, an Amazon.com reader
“This a very solid book on examining your reality and your present state of consciousness. Guided meditation / hypnosis sessions that accompany each chapter are unique in their presentation and tonality. I appreciated this book very much. Thank you Lincoln!”
— Dustin, an Amazon.com reader

Becoming Lucid, Self-awareness in Dreams and Waking Life is your introduction to connecting with your subconscious through dreams and self-hypnosis. Nine topics enlarge your concept of lucidity and increase your awareness. The inductions, read by the author, can be downloaded or streamed as MP3 files.

The training is divided into 9 chapters, each chapter is expected to take 1 week to learn. This is experiential material. You can’t think your way to new abilities, you act your way. It’s learning by doing. Each chapter includes explanation, exercises, and a 15-minute trance induction. Read it, hear it, and absorb it.

Each chapter’s trance induction is available as an audio MP3 file that can play on your own device, or stream from the webpage. Becoming Lucid is also available through Amazon as an audio book.

world of lucid dreaming chris hammond

Interview with Chris Hammond, World of Lucid Dreaming Academy


Recorded July 18, 2019 with Chris Hammond in Sidney, Australia.

A conversation covering sleeping vs. waking awareness and how different states of mind converge with our lucid dreaming practices.

  • Reality Checks vs Mind State
  • What is lucidity and how to achieve it in waking life
  • Awareness emerging from hypnapompia
  • Freeing your will before going to sleep
  • Conscious action in waking vs dreaming

It’s a definite shift from the basic Reality Check-based mindset!