Available in paperback, hardcover, digital, and audiobook formats.

The Path To Sleep, Exercises for an Ancient Skill is a manual that will train your subconscious mind to control, enter, and sustain healthy sleep. Its thirteen chapters and 24 audio exercises bring you to the actual states of mind you need for restorative sleep and fundamental health.

These 24 inductions, read by the author, can be downloaded or streamed as MP3 files. The Path To Sleep is also available as an audio book.

If you have insomnia, understand that your condition is rooted in how you think about yourself and the world. Your thinking has a negative effect on your sleep patterns, your awake patterns, and it may well shorten your life significantly. This book will help you find these patterns, change them, and open a new horizon on healthy living and conscious life.

Those who need this book the most may find it makes no sense, and this is precisely the point! It is your insistence on what makes sense that is eroding your health. The Path To Sleep teaches a non-logical way of thinking that is both closer to reality and closer to how your mind needs to work when sleeps. Sleep will come to you when you synchronize with it. This is the consciousness you need for sleep.

“If you’re that person who just can’t sleep no matter what — even drugs aren’t doing such a great job — READ THIS BOOK!”
— Sandy Ames, CHt, author of Sleep Now!

“This book is not just a book, it’s a hands-on guide to the root cause of all those sleepless nights… a complete paradigm shift to transform the very context of insomnia.”
— Mollie McGlocklin, host of www.sleepasaskill.com

“The first systematic application of hypnosis to sleep dysfunction… a much needed non-pharmaceutical guide for those with all forms of insomnia.”
— Robert S. Rosenberg, MD, author of A Doctor’s Guide to Sleep Solutions for Stress & Anxiety.