COVID-19, Illness & Illumination

          • Publisher : Mind Strength Balance (August 9, 2020)
          • Paperback : 229 pages
          • ISBN-13 : 978-1999253851
          • Dimensions : 6 x 0.52 x 9 inches
From the Prologue

“These chronicles mix physics, medicine, hypnotherapy, technology, culture, learning, politics, and the news surrounding the Coronavirus from March through June of 2020. This is the first phase of the pandemic, before the expected second infection, and before any vaccine…

“The situation cannot be understood without considering the chaotic forces and policies that formed it. There is no ‘one story’; no one authoritative point of view; no single, resolving explanation…

“Much of what becomes evident has been brewing for years—maybe centuries—hidden in policies, bureaucracies, attitudes, economies, cultures, ecological injury, and other dynamics whose combustible elements were either segregated, inactive, unrecognized or mutating toward this trigger point.”

“I have just read your book covid-19 and I am literally awe struck by your perception on reality. You have concreted my basic intuition into long-term sustained growth beyond measure. You are a true inspiration to the human race. I can’t applaud you enough.”
Dylan C., unsolicited reader comment

“COVID-19: Illness & Illumination is a well-researched and important contribution at this time. It is vital that this much-needed information reaches the public. What makes this book even more special is that the author combines his research with his knowledge and experience as a professional hypnotherapist.”
Roy Hunter, CHt, hypnotherapist, trainer, author of eight books on hypnosis

“Finally, a thoughtful approach to the COVID-19 pandemic! Dr. Stoller has seamlessly combined the ineluctable substance of our natural milieu with the hard facts that now confront us… Pandemics are not new, and we again realize the frailty of our human condition. Dr. Stoller has provided us with some needed aids to combat this crisis, and those to come.”
George Plotkin, PhD, MD, Medical Director, UT Northeast Neurological Institute
Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Texas, Tyler