Becoming Supergenius, Part I

Publisher : Mind Strength Balance (January 13, 2021)
Paperback : 336 pages
ISBN-13 : 978-1777420406
Dimensions : 6 x 0.76 x 9 inches

From the Preface

The steps in this journey are the things we learn in order to recognize our full potential. They comprise things that can be put into words and practical steps that we can take…

The path to self-discovery has been hidden from us, and it’s hidden for interesting reasons…

The process of learning what to do to manifest our full potential is related to learning how to think. It requires that we explore where our thinking comes from, and how much control we have over what we think…

This is a toolbox, not a lesson plan; an armamentarium for all occasions…

Becoming Supergenius has grown like a forest on fire scorched land. The barren land is the current state of learning, teaching, and education. This is not a small matter; this shapes the future of our species.

This book does not give you the map for your journey. It only tells you how to rig and trim the sails, and the obligations of a sailor. No matter how glorious or miserable you feel about your journey, it’s your journey, and you were made for it.


This is one of those rare audiobooks that’s even better than the printed version. Although it’s a book that can be enjoyed by anyone passionate or even interested in learning and self-development, it will be truly savored by those who’ve read/listened to more than a few other books in these genres. Why? The wisdom within is original and refreshing. He approaches topics and questions in ways that the other books/teachers simply do not.

After listening for even a few minutes, I find myself rethinking problems, as well as various issues and relationships towards people and situations in ways I hadn’t before. And it feels remarkable to do so. Rather than seeking to imprint upon your mind his own values and ideas, the author gives you the tools to truly think for yourself, to unfetter your mind and see things anew. As the author proposes, “to rise above the clutter, to find silence amid the noise…” And he shares many ideas and paradigms for cultivating this and so much more.
East West Book Review

This piece of work is as profound as it is elegant. Exploring what might seem like simple concepts into depths of discovery and understanding that should be requisite of anyone working in education. Many educators will go through full careers without considering some of these areas. With this work as a guide, the education landscape could be irrevocably changed for the better.
Lewis Ames, Director—Children of the Forest

These books immediately—no fooling around—challenge whether you are even learning, and then help you understand how to know if you are learning anything at all! … Here are the most useful questions you will ever ask yourself; crucially important for self-inquiry, self-understanding, and self-esteem. Becoming Supergenius is outstanding! This is definitely genius.
Ann Hallock, MSW, LCSW, ACSW

After reading Becoming Supergenius, I think I have found my inner voice! It has been sleeping for a very long time. I judge a book by how it grabs me emotionally and intellectually and, indeed, Becoming Supergenius, locked me in and opened my thinking. Life may never find its ‘normal’ for a very long time. So, hold on tight.
Rose. L. Colby, award winning author of Competency-Based Education: A New Architecture for K-12 Schooling

In Becoming Supergenius: Creativity and Transformation, Lincoln Stoller explores the concept—and importance—of degrees of intelligence. In doing so, he illustrates not just the ability of exceptional genius to affect change, but our collective dire need for them to do exactly that.
Terry Heick, Founder and Director of, author of 10 Ideas in Pursuit of a Global Curriculum

Becoming Supergenius: Creativity and Transformation is an engaging and inspiring book that is composed in a way that can be revisited often. No story lives unless someone wants to listen, and Lincoln has developed great skill as a listener and investigator. Sapient, incisive, perceptive, and enlightened.
Darren Saare, RSW, Leader—Community Health Services, Vancouver Island Health

On exceptional occasions at best, a work is produced that gives the world a glimpse at an explanation of it all, some grand analysis in an otherwise incomprehensible world. Stoller has done just that with Becoming Supergenius: Creativity and Transformation. By combining the experiences and words from thirty-five “supergeniuses” and then weaving them together in his own authentic classifications, he has created a comprehensive guide to being.
Alexander Khost, Founder of Voice of the Children NYC, and Flying Squads, and organizer at Alliance for Self-Directed Education