Kidney’s Fine Structure


Develop a higher sense of working purity based on the combination of needs, skills, and values. Strengthen your subtle sense of things feeling right.


This hypnotic induction directs you to connect with your kidneys, to experience how you’re affected by them at this moment. To become more aware of what it means to purify.

This exploration is hypnotic rather than intellectual because you must feel it. Feel in your body what your kidneys do for you, in whatever way you can. Relax to imagine what it might feel like to perform the actions of your kidneys. They are a part of you and they are part of your mind. Their cells talk to each other and collaborate.

Feeling is the place to start, so let your thinking settle into a sensory state. Begin a dialog with a part of your body with whom you rarely speak. The purity and balance of your tissues is the work of your kidneys.

The Kidney’s Fine Structure Connection – Audio Preview

Listen to The Kidney’s Fine Structure to intentionally change in your health.

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DO NOT listen to this recording while you’re driving a car or operating machinery!


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