Payment for In-person Service (x 30 min)


Payment for in-person session in 30-minute units: therapy, training, coaching, counseling, hypnotherapy, feedback, suggestions, guidance, support.


30-minute in-person session.

Service is priced in 30-minute units; select the number of 30-minute units that you want to pay for. Select a quantity of 2 for a 1-hour session, 3 for 90 minutes, and so on.

Prices are listed in US dollars. Use the currency dropdown located toward the bottom of this page to reprice the service in Canadian dollars.

In-person service price 30%  discount after
we’ve worked together for 4, payable hours.

Prices can change without notice.

If you want to pay for Remote Service, then please click Payment for Remote Service to go to that page.


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