Payment for Remote Service (x 30 min)


Payment for remote session in 30-minute units: therapy, training, coaching, counseling, hypnotherapy, feedback, suggestions, guidance, support.


30-minute remote session by phone or video link. Multiply by the number of 30-minute periods engaged. Service is priced in 30-minute units, except for chronic medical conditions.

To improve chronic, somatic concerns, payment for 3-hour blocks, is requested. This commits us to at least two 90-minute sessions.

Prices are listed in US or CAN dollars. Use the currency dropdown located toward the bottom of this page to reprice the service in US or Canadian currency.

Counselling services are covered by most insurance providers.
To check for coverage, tell your provider I am a Certified Clinical Counsellor
with the Canadian College of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists
Member # 3115

Remote service price 30%  discount after
we’ve worked together for 4, billable hours.

Prices can change without notice.

If you want to pay for In-Person Service, then please click Payment for In-Person Service to go to that page.


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