It seems that fighting is a game where everybody is the loser.”
Zora Neale Hurston

The Personal Conflict Resolution approach rests on the observation that conflicts aren’t about issues, they’re about emotions. Conflicts are not resolved when opposition is resolved or immediate needs are satisfied. The combative nature of conflict is transmuted when the adversaries share each other’s emotions as their own…

PCRT’s critical insight is that intellectual explanations disguise a conflict’s cause and obscure its resolution. Most long-standing conflicts are a disjunction between reason and emotion, and this disjunction is only made greater by alternately attempting to explain, constrain, and resolve it intellectually…

The Personal Conflict Resolution approach recognizes problematic behaviors, but instead of aiming to change them, PCRT explores them through channels of heightened awareness and varieties of experience. The conflict is not the problem. The problem is a failure to fully appreciate its context, and find positive guidance from it.

The Conflict Is Not The Problem

Four Fold Approach

Techniques of Exploration

     Confabulated Reasoning

     Hypnotic Visualization

     Alters Explicate Alternatives



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