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Therapeutic Dreaming Workshop (pre-recorded)

Class Topics

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Introduction 1

Introduction 2


CLASS ONE: What Are Dreams?

If you want to understand your dreams, learn who’s speaking to you and why. Half of understanding your dreams rests on how well you know yourself. The other half on what you hide from yourself.

The structure of the subconscious as reflected in dreams: you do not “understand” dreams, you experience them.

Preliminary Comments, Class ONE

Class ONE Video

Hypnotic Audio, Class ONE

Fractal Thoughts: (PDF file: download text)
Fractal Thoughts: (MP3 file: download audio)

“Fractal Thoughts is about how thoughts build out of each other and how you can lead the direction in the chain of thoughts….”

CLASS TWO: Remembering Dreams

Preparing to have, aligning yourself with, arranging to interrupt, and giving time to record dreams.

Make time, disturb your sleep, be at the right place and time, record your efforts. Turn your mind inward while awake; insist on participating in the dreams you’ll have.

Preliminary Comments, Class TWO

Class TWO Video

Hypnotic Audio, Class TWO

Dream As You Intend: (PDF file: download text)
Dream As You Intend: (MP3 file: download audio)

I will speak your subconscious mind and ask it to enable you to remember your dreams by placing them within your reach…”

CLASS THREE: Dreams For Better Sleep

COVID-19 has created uncertainty in our communities, and confusion and anxiety in our minds. Recognizing this invisible hand provides an immediate measure of relief. You can go further: you can contain and relieve it. Start with your dreams, as they are the foundation of your emotions.

Bring up subconscious associations and enlarge issues. Allay, resolve, accept, or remove them.

Preliminary Comments, Class THREE

Class THREE Video

Hypnotic Audio, Class THREE

A Child’s Drawing: (PDF file: download text)
A Child’s Drawing: (MP3 file: download audio)

Present two pictures, showing how different things could be, focusing on the meaning of things and not just your expression, then your subconscious can engage you on a deeper level…”

CLASS FOUR: Meet Your Allies

Your dreams lie on the other side of the boundary of your ego, patrolled by the spirits that protect you. With their permission, you can meet them. The struggles in your psyche are not child’s play, but we are still children. It is not certain that you can play a helpful role, but you can learn.

How to ask for inner balance and guidance for meeting what’s threatening, foreign, and powerful.

Preliminary Comments, Class FOUR

Class FOUR Video

Hypnotic Audio, Class FOUR

Of Animals and Avatars: (PDF file: download transcript)
Of Animals and Avatars: (MP3 file: download audio)

The purpose of this piece is to create a trio of allies who can grow in strength as you work with them. They represent energies that can act on your behalf. They can appear in dreams

CLASS FIVE: Dreams Into Daylight

Invite your dreams into your day-life and become part of your dreams, to knowingly project onto and control your feelings in what you feel is real. In this way, you gain control over the projection you otherwise do unknowingly, which is what we need to do. When you realize your supernatural world, you can play an active role in your subconscious and the consolidation of memory. This work is like gardening; you are planting, weeding, and nourishing what you believe in.

Control your focus and master your state of mind. Move in and out of visions. Retain contact with your feelings.

Preliminary Comments, Class FIVE

Class FIVE Video

Hypnotic Audio, Class FIVE

Garden of Daydreams: (PDF file: download text)
Garden of Daydreams: (MP3 file: download audio)

“You are the garden in which your thoughts take root. You are the sum of your thoughts, moods, and inclinations. Think of them as flowering plants rooting in your subconscious. The purpose of this visualization is to give you some idea of the extent of this garden, what nourishes it, and the role you can play in how this garden grows…”

CLASS SIX: Dream Building

Dreams are about conflict and resolution. Dig below the surface of your certainty to strengthen your foundations of self and security. Engage conflict to have a useful role in its resolution. Your dreams explore confusion as if it was an infection trying to encapsulate it. You must join in that effort, learning to navigate realities you don’t believe in.

Dissociating into your different selves while retaining connection, empathy, and alliance. Recognize parts of yourself you have forgotten or are ashamed of. Guided visualization.

Preliminary Comments, Class SIX

Class SIX Video

Hypnotic Audio, Class SIX

Waking Up The Possible: (PDF file: download text)
Waking Up The Possible: (MP3 file: download audio)

Waking Up The Possible offers a simple template you can take to heart. It shows you three steps to finding a new understanding, a new reality…For every transformation there are three realms or points of view: the realm of what is, the realm of what you’d like there to be, and the realm of the unknown.

My two books are available in print, digital, and audio book formats through Amazon. The print and digital books have links to audio files that are part of the training.

The following URL links take you to each book.

US customers:

The Path to Sleep, Exercises for an Ancient Skill

Becoming Lucid, Self-Awareness in Dreams and Waking Life

Canadian customers:

The Path to Sleep, Exercises for an Ancient Skill

Becoming Lucid, Self-Awareness in Dreams and Waking Life

UK customers:

The Path to Sleep, Exercises for an Ancient Skill (not yet listed)

Becoming Lucid, Self-Awareness in Dreams and Waking Life

Australian customers:

The Path to Sleep, Exercises for an Ancient Skill

Becoming Lucid, Self-Awareness in Dreams and Waking Life

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